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Pilot Air/Fuel Screw Adjustment Explained - Multiple Carbs - Part 2

Buy a Haynes manual Here. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? News: Need a manual? Author Topic: Air mixture screw? Read times. Mine is at 2. Shane Ride her Hard, but respect her or she will dump you.

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Thank you. Jake D Best ribs in the world Motorcycle God! So let me get this straight In order to do the Srinath "3 turns out" we tighten it all the way in, then back it 3 turns out. Is that correct? Cheers, Conan D. Well I'm actually messing around with that the last two days, really annyoying since I dont have a carb adjusting tool, so i'm using a flathead screwdriver bit.

My symptoms was that when driving say from 15 miles faster to a stop, the engine would cut out. As long as i kept the throttle turned and rpms above like 2K it didnt die. Coming to a stop i tried pulling the choke and it seemed to help. Turned it out leaner like 1 turn and I guess I'm where I started.

If it backfires you most likely it is running lean, it is also a possibility that it is running rich and the carb is getting flooded and stalls. However if that was the case for me, putting on the choke wouldn't have helped. There's a little terminology involved here. They let air into the metering system, and more air means less fuel.


Therefore, turning the adjustment clockwise enriches the mixture, turning counterclockwise leans it. Idle mixture screws adjust the mixture directly. Idle mixture screws have a needle valve on the end that directly limits the fuel flow.Login or Sign Up. DF - high idle speed - buzzer warning.

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Previous template Next. DF - high idle speed - buzzer warningPM. I just changed battery. The motor started but the idle speed did not go below rpm. The buzzer started to beep, but not combined with any lamps on the rpm instrument.

This case is not described in the owners manual. What could be the reason for the high idle speed and what does the buzzer tell me when it beeps "alone". The motor has been out in freezing conditions for a couple of weeks. Thats why I changed battery. Its a DF year Tags: None. Idle When the idle exceeds rpm an alarm code sounds [ single beep ] Adjust air idle screw to rpm, then rev engine to over rpm to cancel code.

Comment Post Cancel. Air idle screw - location Thanks, now I need to locate the screw. It is not indicated in the owners manual. Is the screw easy to find? The idle speed has been good the whole season. Any teory on why it came to be so serious so suddently that it now needs some screw adjustments?

Idle Remove the front air box and it will be above the air intake. Idle speed to high Thanks, I will go and try this. I'll be back with a report. I did not have any instrument to measure conectivity so I tested by disconnecting the lead when the motor was running. It stopped, so I guess this is perhaps not the source of the high idle speed.

I am still reluctant to make any idle screw adjustment because I do not know of any good reason it has been removed from its "proper" position. What else could lead to a sudden increase in idle speed. Something must have been broken either in connection with the battery change or during the freezing cold conditions. High Idle Orohde You might try removing thr IAC valve and cleaning the air passage there may be an air flow restriction.

suzuki gs850 idle screw

The reason for the high idle speed is found The IAC valve was deformed, like if was hammered. This led to the sitiuation where even when the engine computer ordered full closure on the IAC there was still air available. The amount of air trespassing was high enough to keep the engine running at rpm.I needed one single intake needle valve seat O-ring, to fix a serious fuel leak on a GS I wanted to completely disassemble and solvent-dip the carbs, but I cringed at the idea of disturbing those ancient, brittle, crumbling O-rings.

I just knew they'd leak like a sieve, so I put up with an engine that had more flat spots than the state of Arizona. I needed a source for the O-rings. I don't begrudge anyone a decent profit, but I hate being gouged, so I searched for sources for a reasonable quantity of these O-rings at a reasonable price.

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Close; I had to settle for an unreasonable quantity, at a reasonable price. This is the ideal material for this application. The rebuild procedure is really pretty simple, and is superbly detailed by John Bloemer on the GS Resources web site. The chore is finding the damned O-rings. A note about using Paypal: There's a Paypal shopping cart on the order page, but you don't have to use it. If you want to pay via regular mail, that's fine -- check or MO works. Just add up what you want and email me for my mailing address.

Here's the little guys, next to a common match. The kit is more organized than it looks here, with every size identified. Almost done here, butI 39 m trying to adjust the idle mixture the screw won 39 t budge I suspect it 39 s a dissimilar metal corrosion issue. Be careful here.

When following this procedure correctly the buzzer will sound to alert that the idle air control duty is in the fixed mode. If your original screw looks like this with a single tip taper get the quot ms16 quot to the left.

The shims used in the quot 2 valve per cylinder quot Suzuki motors are I had similar issues this winter first I had to adjust the idle screw. For The Bold. Adjusting the master idle screw opens the throttle butterflies slightly. Your settings with engine running. Honda Super Cub C50 Full Restoration 4 for the air bleed needle valves the little 39 idle mix 39 adjustment screw 8 4 each for the two fuel tubes 4 for the carb bowl vent 39 T 39 s 4 for the starter choke plunger retaining fittings.

Any help would be appreciated my bike The fuel screws are the pilot circuit adjustment screws on the engine side of the carbs. Improperly set idle mixture screws are often the reason for carburetor symptoms such as hesitation rough idle backfire stalling hard starting engine surge and Finally adjust the mixture screw found on the side of the carburetor body with a screwdriver to improve the idle conditions.

Suzuki GS850G Service Manual

Suzuki Gsg. The rider adjusts the master idle screw so the engine idles at the right speed but maybe he doesn 39 t notice that the engine is now harder to start when the weather is cold. I noticed that the idle screw was turned almost all the way up but it still idles really really low even after turning it up all the way. Then you can lower the IDLE screw and get the engine to level off to a healthy idle. Installed new intake o rings and allen screw set Changed the oil adjusted the idle and the clutch was far too tight The manual says their should be some play but if there 39 s play then the carbs don t hit the idle screw.

To adjust the idle speed first warm up the engine with a 15 minute ride. I have an 06 C50 and just installed some V amp H Straightshots yesterday with an unmodified airbox at this time. Next turn the idle mixture screw out until the rpm s start to taper off. I can bairly get my hand on it but found that a flat blade screwdriver works fine for making ajustments.

I 39 ve been using the adjustment in the throttle linkage to adjust the Idle speed but when I took the linkage off the carb completely and let the spring pull the throttle closed as far as it can and it was still screaming although not near as high.

GS850 what to watch out for.

In those early years and until the s Suzuki made only cycles with two stroke engines. Before I bought the bike the previous owner had to run the bike with a little bit of the choke on to run perfect.

Carburetor is a Mikuni BS29SS single I just bought this quad for my son and rode it all day Sunday and then it just didnt want to hold a strong idle. Good news is I am pretty sure exactly what the problem is the idle mix jet or slow air jet is not set right part 18 on the link below.

You can clean your idle mixture screws by buffing them off with a wire wheel. Check the fit Add to Cart. It has to be pretty much all the way turned up or it will die.

Material Nitrile Buna N 70 Durometer. In the video above I adjust the fuel screw on a KXF. Ever since I got it it has been running very rich literally makes my eyes water hurt when I drive it has a high idle and only goes up to about 50 55 mph top speed. It 39 s hard to tune a dirty carb and you can 39 t clean the orifices from the outside of the carb. However the idle will not go down past 3k rpm.

suzuki gs850 idle screw

The GS G was introduced on February Most VM26 models use 15 pilots and a few use Item No. The mixture screw is used to adjust the fuel mixture at idle.Carb Balancing for Beginners or the things I have learned while mucking around with bikes! Applies specifically to Suzuki GS motorcycles and, in principle, all motorcycles with multiple carburetors.

Written and photographed by David Buttwith special thanks to Earl and the members of theGSresources. Warm the bike to operating temperature -- a short ride should accomplish this. You may want to have a fan available to help cool the bike while it is stationary. Remove gas tank. Find a means to supply gas to the carburetors while the tank is removed.

I set the tank on the rear carrier of my GS, or bungeed a small gas can to the rear of the seat on the GS You can also make an auxiliary fuel tank from a universal coolant reservior purchased at an auto parts store.

suzuki gs850 idle screw

Some fuel line, a plastic hose barb, a bit of bent coat hanger wire to hang it from the handgrip, and viola! Remove the screws in the balance ports on the carbs. On the GS, they were allen bolts; on the GS phillips head screws. Install the hose barbs in their place. Note: for twins, replace "cylinder 3" with "right cylinder" and "cylinder 2" with "left cylinder" in the next few paragraphs.

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Adjust cylinder 3 to best idle. You may have to remove the covers over the idle screws. Drill each carefully with a small diameter bit, and extract by turning a screw a few turns into the hole you bored, and pop it out with a tug on the screw with a pair of pliers. To ensure that the idle mixture was correct, I used a Colourtunea sparkplug with a view! You can see the colour of the combustion flame as the plug fires.

When you see a bunsen blue flame, the idle is correctly adjusted. When I first tried this, I could not get a blue flame. Once the jets were replaced all was well. The moral is that tuning by ear gets the best idle, but not necessarily the correct idle. Once the idle mixture is correct, set the idle speed to RPM or other speed as described in the shop manual using the adjustment knob located between the airbox and the carburetors. Cylinder 3 should draw about 10 in Hg This is your baseline measure.Discussion in ' Old's Cool ' started by sjc56Feb 24, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. GS what to watch out for. Tomorrow I'm looking at a 79 Suzuki GSG, I know they have a reputation for being bullet proof except for the charging system but anything else?.

Bike is owned by a diesel mechanic so I'm pretty sure it was taken care of, new back tire newish front Dyna ignition. I'm used to bringing home Italian twins from the shores of Lake Como not some exotic asian.

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CanumanFeb 24, There's a phenomenal amount of information over at the GS Resources. Basic stuff is to change the voltage regulator for a modern one, check the valves, and ride the thing.

Very fine bikes, and the '79 is the best. Great site! Worth doing. I missed it last year, but am going to try to make it this fall. Plenty of riding up here in VT, be glad to go with you sometime. ADV Sponsors. Wolfgang55Feb 24, Best stock seat I ever made an impression in. Never an issue, easy to keep up. I checked it out very clean, very cold blooded but ran fine once warmed up.

Has a Dayna Ignition, 30K on it new front tire and newish rear. I'm not used to looking at a bike that really doesn't need any thing major.

suzuki gs850 idle screw

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